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Urban Surround is a musical and visual project by Ferran Cruixent and Joan Carles Martorell.
Starring: Peter Sadlo (percussion)

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About Urban Surround:

Urban Surround is a musical and visual project including several chapters which are being produced in different cities.

Each chapter/city has a concrete number of "express movies" describing moments, jokes, impressions, emotions or fortuities lived during the production days. Final format is DVD.

Chamber Of Silence

The Urban Surround's first chapter is called 'Chamber Of Silence' (Basel, 2007) and comes from a common idea between the percussionist Peter Sadlo and the composer Ferran Cruixent for the Les Muséiques Festival in Basel, Switzerland. The production has follow this three steps:

1. Recording (31-1-2007 to 2-2-2007, Basel):
Peter Sadlo plays directly over 200 different objects of the city (sculptures, garbage, balustrades, etc) and also pure city sounds were recorded. At the same time, filmmaker Joan Carles Martorell records over 5 hours of film material. Then Cruixent and Martorell create together a list with the dramaturgy for each "express movie".

2. Music composition (3-2-2007 to 5-3-2007, Munich):
Ferran Cruixent organizes the whole audio material he has recorded in Basel. Also he writes short compositions for symphonic orchestra, string orchestra, flute, violoncello, piano, marimbaphone, real percussion and other instruments. After the recording of these music pieces, he modifies them electroacustically and mix them with the original city sounds. Except the track 'Intersections', no computer sounds are used. The result are 20 compositions from 40 seconds till 2:30 minutes, and a total of almost 30 minutes of music (see the complete list).

3. Film edit (6-3-2007 to 13-4-2007, Barcelona):
Joan Carles Martorell takes the music compositions and make 17 "express movies". He works only with the original material recorded those few days at Basel.

'Chamber Of Silence''s premiere was on 29-4-2007 at Vitra Design Museum (Weil am Rhein, Germany) during the Les Muséiques Festival.

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