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ANDROID (2010)

for Septet

Septet for Flute, Oboe and String Quintet
Commissioned by the 'Sommersprossen' International Chamber Music Festival Rottweil (Germany).
Re-orchestration of Cyborg for symphonic Orchestra

Playing time: 24:00
Opus/Year: (2010)
Genre: Chamber
Instrumentation: Fl., Ob., 2 Vl., Vla., Vc., Cb.
Premiere performance: 02.07.2010 / Rottweil / Germany
Elisa Goritzki (Fl.), Ingo Goritzki (Ob.), Winfried Rademacher (Vl.1), n.n. (Vl.2), Deinhart Goritzki (Vla.), Johannes Goritzki (Vc.), Wolfgang Güttler (Cb.)
Conductor: Ferran Cruixent

Score material available at Sikorski Music Publishers

"What he’s done, is write a piece where he wants to show how emerging technologies can be conjoined with what is a very traditional organization. There are many, many unusual sounds that happen in this piece. The players are asked to speak. They are asked to sing. They are asked to play their instruments in unusual ways. But where the ‘cyborg’ implication comes from, meaning some form of creature that is part human; part machine, is that each septet member must download an MP3 file that the composer has created, and near the end of the piece, they all press their phones and it’s played back on the stage as we continue to play other things. So, he’s introducing a communications device into the orchestra, showing this way that technology combines with what we do. He calls it ‘cyber singing’. It’s fascinating."
Leonard Slatkin (conductor), about Cyborg.

"The body is obsolete, we are at the end of philosophy and human physilogy."
Stelarc (artist)

"Bodies have become Cyborgs (cybernetic organisms), compounds of hybrid techno-organic embodiment and textuality. The cyborg is text, machine, body and metaphor. All theorised and engaged in practice in terms of communications."
Donna Haraway (philosopher)
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