World Premiere:
"Oscillation"  - for dance and orchestra.
Commissioned by the Staatstheater Heidelberg.
In collaboration with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory - EMBL.
With Artistic Director Iván Pérez Avilés
Dance Theatre Heidelberg
Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra
Dietger Holm (conductor).
Heidelberg (Germany) Starting Oct 23d, 2021

"Rituals II" (2002) for timpani and orchestra
Performed for the choreographic work by Mario Schröder for the Leipzig Ballet.
Leipzig Opera’s Orchestra
Opera Leipzig (Germany) Nov 26th, 2021


World Premiere:
"La victòria de la dona lluna" (2021)
for women choir and orchestra
Lyrics: Jaume C. Pons Alorda
Commissioned by the Palau de la Música
Cor de noies de l’Orfeó Català
Buia Reixach (choir conductor)
Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès (OSV)
Andrés Salado (conductor)
Palau de la Música (Barcelona) Sep 25th, 2021


World Premiere:
"Post Lucem" (2021) - for string quartet
Commissioned by the Festival Internacional de Música de Marvão (FIMM)
Mandelring Quartett
Marvão (Portugal) July 25th, 2021


Spanish Premiere:
"Cyborg" (2010) - for orchestra.
Commissioned by the Staatskapelle Weimar.
Feb 27th-28th, 2020
Bilbao Orkesta Sinfonikoa
Leonard Slatkin (conductor).


World Premiere:
"Human brother" (2019) - for soprano and orchestra.
Commissioned by the OBC Orchestra.
Sep 27-28-29th, 2019
Soprano: Ilona Krzywicka
OBC Orchestra (Barcelona)
Conductor: Kazushi Ono

“Dazzling premiere of Ferran Cruixent at the opening of the OBC” J. Pérez Senz, Scherzo, 1.10.2019


World Premiere:
"Impression" (2018) - for dance and orchestra.
Commissioned by the Staatstheater Heidelberg.
With Artistic Director Iván Pérez Avilés,
United Visual Artists (stage designer),
Carlijn Petermeijer (costume designer),
Dietger Holm (music conductor) and the
Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra.
Starting Dec 2018

World Premiere:
"Deus ex machina" (2017) for orchestra
(Episode IV of the Cyborg Tetralogy)
Commissioned by the Fundación SGAE and the AEOS
Feb. 9-10-11th, 2018
OBC Orchestra (Barcelona)
Conductor: Kazushi Ono


World Premiere:
"Big Data" (2016) for large Orchestra
Commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
2016-17 Season Opening Program

(...) imagined and demanding of virtuosos, Big Data – not all fast, vibrant and ricocheting, but sometimes serene and with a sense of journeying high – is twenty minutes for anyone who loves the orchestra and what it is capable of, boundless in colour and effects according to Cruixent. (...)
(Colin Anderson, journalist.

(...) On the 2016-17 season opening program September 29-30, the DSO performed the World Premiere of Big Data by Spanish composer Ferran Cruixent. Cruixent is known for his “cyber singing” concept, which combines instruments with technology. In November 2013 the DSO performed the World Premiere of his Cyborg, which incorporated the orchestra’s own cell phones into the composition using a mobile app. (...)
(DSO Press)

"Unlike anything you've ever heard."
"We're falling in love with this. This is just a terrific, wonderful new piece."

(Leonard Slatkin, conductor)

"Cruixent introduces a communications device into the orchestra, showing this way that technology combines with what we do. He calls it Cyber Singing. It’s fascinating."
(Leonard Slatkin, conductor)

"Eine neue 'Ode an die Freude', die hier das Primat des Menschen einwirbt.
Lange anhaltender, herzlicher Beifall!"

(Hans-Jürgen Thiers, journalist)

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